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The ruling on congratulating on the day of the Eid or before it. Shaykh Saalih Fawzan

Q: There has spread text messages over the cell phones during these days, which contain the prohibition of congratulating for Eid, a day before or two days before, and that it is from the innovations. What is your Eminence’s opinion (regarding this)?

A: I don’t know of this speech. They have circulated this, and I don’t know of any basis for this. How can one congratulate for something that hasn’t happen yet? The congratulating is to be done on the day of the Eid or after the Eid, despite the fact there is no proof for it (i.e congratulating on the Eid). However, Imam Ahmed stated,” I don’t start with it (i.e. Congratulating), however I respond to the one who initiates it and congratulates me. And congratulating is allowed on the day of the Eid or after the day of the Eid. As for before the Eid by a day or two then I don’t know of it taking place from the salaf or that they would congratulate before the day of the Eid.


Translator: Muhammad Abouharb