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SAUDI ARABIA – Shaykh Ahmed Bazmool


My brothers: in these times it’s necessary to support and aid the Salafi methodology as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the nation of Tawheed and Sunnah, as it is [currently] the last stronghold of Islam. So fear Allah in terms of protecting this Salafi nation and be like one hand with its leaders,together against falsehood and its people, against the Arab Spring <<destruction and volcano>>, against the ikhwani ‘hizb ul shaitaan’ [as opposed to Hizbullah], against the raafidah who are the party of Iran and against the disbelievers who are the people of transgression.

Aiding the Salafi Call [is accomplished] by:

1. Spreading the Sunnah regarding the rulers; from hearing and obeying, patience, and impermissibility of going out against them and overthrowing them….

2. Clarifying the harms of democracy and that it is a deception and a ploy and playing with the religion.

3. Clarifying the harms of demonstrations and their impermissibility and spreading the fatawa (religious verdicts) of the scholars in regards to that.

4. Exposing the plots and plans of the ikhwan ul muslimoon and clarifying that they are betrayers, working for foreign powers to strike the Muslim communities.

5. Exposing the doubts that have been incited about the [muslim] rulers and refuting these doubts.

6. Spreading the scholars’ praise of Saudi Arabia.

7. Spreading actions which are performed by Saudi Arabia in aiding this religion.

8. Clarifying why some desire to bring down this country.

9. Spreading these matters at all levels; men, youth, women, the common people and the educated ones.

10. Spreading announcements made by our rulers which clarify the necessity to hold on to and cling to this religion and the Salafi methodology.

And Allah knows best.

Your brother
Doctor Ahmed bin Umar Bazmool
Thursday, 19 Rabi ul Awwal 1434
Corresponding to 31 January 2013

Translated by
Yasar A Rahman
Al-Madinah Al-Nabawiyyah

Source: Whatsapp message