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REMEMBRANCE AFTER THE PRAYER – Shaykh Abdur-Razzaaq al-Badr


Sheikh Abdur-Razzaq حفظه الله said that scholars have mentioned many points of wisdom for the dhikr performed after the obligatory prayers. From these points of wisdom are:

1. A great amount of reward
2. That for the one who is constant in performing dhikr after the prayers, then this is a sign of the acceptance [of the prayer]. This is because from the signs of the acceptance of a good deed is the performance of another good deed after it.
3. What is befitting of a Muslim is that he is constantly moving between acts of obedience. So as soon as he completes an act of obedience he enters another one.
4. Dhikr completes and perfects the prayer and makes up for any deficiency in the prayer.

Explanation of Umdat Ul Ahkam
Chapter of Dhikr After the Prayer
Cassette 25

Yasar A Rahman
المدينة النبوية