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REMEMBERING AND REFLECTING ON DEATH – Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him)

REMEMBERING AND REFLECTING ON DEATH – Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him)
Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen said:

“It is a must that man remembers his state and his ending in the life of this world. And this ending is not the end, rather behind it is a purpose greater than it and that is the Hereafter. Therefore it is befitting for man to always remember death. Not upon the basis of leaving loved ones (behind) and what one is used to, for this is short sightedness, but on the basis of leaving behind the opportunity of working and preparing for the Hereafter. For if one looks with this insight, he will prepare and increase in actions for the Hereafter. And if one looks with the first view, he will become sad and the matter will displease him in accordance with the saying of the poet:

“There is no goodness in living as long as its pleasures are spoiled by the griefs of death and old age”

So with him thinking of this from this angle, it only increases him in sorrow and regret. As for him thinking about this from the other angle which is to remember death in order to prepare for it and to work for the Heteafter, then this will not increase him in sadness, but it will only draw him closer to Allah. And if a person draws close to his Lord then his chest increases in openness and his heart with tranquility.”

Sharh al-Mumti’ alaa Zaad al-Mustaqni’ 5/231-232

Translated by Abu Anas Atif Hasan


💎 كلام قيم للعلامة العثيمين في تذكر الموت…🔸🔸⤵

📝قال الشيخ ابن عثيمين رحمه الله

💢وينبغي للإنسان أن يتذكر حاله ونهايته في هذه الدنيا
🔸ليست هذه النهاية نهاية
بل وراءها غاية أعظم منها
وهي الآخرة
💢فينبغي للإنسان أن يتذكر دائما الموت
➖لا على أساس الفراق للأحباب والمألوف..!!
⤴ لأن هذه نظرة قاصرة !
ولكن على أساس ..
↩فراق العمل والحرث للآخرة
🖱لأنه إذا نظر هذه النظرة..
استعد و زاد في عمل الآخرة
◾وإذا نظر النظرة الأولى ..
حزن وساءه الأمر وصار
📝 على حد قول الشاعر :
لاطيب للعيش ما دامت منغصة *** لذاته بأكدار الموت والهرم
🔳فيكون ذكره على هذا الوجه .. لا يزداد به إلا تحسرا وندما !!
➖أما إذا ذكره على الوجه الأول ..
➖وهو أن يتذكر الموت .. ليستعد له ويعمل للآخرة .
⤴فهذا لايزيده حزنا .. وإنما يزيده إقبالا على الله عز وجل
وإذا أقبل الإنسان على ربه فإنه يزداد صدره انشراحا ، وقلبه اطمئنانا .

📗الشرح الممتع على زاد