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Our provisions are like our appoint time – Shaykh Sulaiman ar-Ruhaylee




Our provisions are like the appointed time of our death –

Shaykh Sulaiman ar-Ruhaylee حفظه الله

“Nothing of this worldly life will come to anyone except that which Allah has written for him, regardless of what he does. Sustenance is just like the appointed time (of death), nothing will decrease from it and nothing will be added to it. Allah has written our sustenance just as He has written our appointed time.

We were sitting in a gathering with Shaykh Atiyya (may Allah have mercy upon him) and he was sitting in the same chair I sit in now (when teaching in the Haram)and he mentioned to us this topic. He said: ‘a trustworthy person informed me that a man fell into a well and a group of people found him in the well and took him out. Nothing was wrong with him. They gave him a cup of milk and he drank it – subhanaAllaah – and after he drank it, one of them (from the group) asked him how did you fall into this well? He said: ‘I came and stood like so’ and (whilst showing them) he fell (again) and died.’

This cup of (milk) is what remained of his provisions and he (only) came out (of the well) because of it. He came out of the well to live these final moments of his life and then he died. And so this shows that provisions are like the appointed time (of our death).”

Translated by Abu Anas Atif Hasan