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New!! Benefits and Advice of Shaykh Rabee’ – Edited and Summarized by Shaykh Jamaal al-Harithee


Where are the benefits and advice of Shaykh Rabee al madkhali in terms of the practical application between the claimers of salafiyyah who seek to make fitnah amongst the mashaayakh and the students of knowledge to divide them with qeela wa qaala (he said – she said) and transmitting speech that causes sickness of the hearts?

Or is Salafiyyah just (about) lessons, lectures, and “copying and pasting” (information) without application!?

He (Shaykh Rabee’) may Allah preserve him said:

Some salafi youth have a severity/harshness that is like the harshness of the Haddadis’, so this has to be left. The Messenger of Allah may Allah exalt his mention and grant him safety said:


“Make things easy and do not make them difficult, convey glad tidings and do not chase people away”

And the scholars say: “he who uses (harshness) severity will run (people) away” So be soft and lenient with your brothers, O youth.

He who has something of adherence to the Sunnah, let him adorn it with high morals; such as patience, wisdom and kindness, to the one he considers to be a salafi but has some weakness. Do not face him with unfriendliness, harshness, sternness and severity. Having mercy among yourselves is a necessity.

If your brother makes a mistake, then treat and remedy him with kindness and wisdom. If one of us falls, his brother should (help) treat him with kindness and wisdom. Some people have severity and sharpness, if one falls, they would -very regrettably – finish him off. So stay away from the destructive severity and harshness, be merciful towards each other and give advice with wisdom and fair preaching. End of quote

Source: A word by Shaykh Rabee al madkhali in (Love for the sake of Allah)

Then is there any (one) that will remember (or received admonition)

Edited and summarized by Abu Fareehan Jamaal bin Fareehan Al-Harithee 1437/3/20